Measuring and Controlling Devices

Measuring and Controlling Devices are the devices which display electronic signals from sensors, flow meters, meters, switches, management units and similar equipment on the screen directly or by evaluating in the protocol in it, and control dosing pumps, valves, blowers, lamps, sirens and similar process equipment based on these data.

AnTech measuring and controlling devices have the mechanism providing the right solution for your processes with fixed models and configurable models, and high-precision measurement technology. It offers professional solutions for your complex processes with the models specially designed for standard applications such as swimming pools, cooling towers, drinking water and wastewater. With the models with communication infrastructure, your measurements or other relevant conditions of your device are included in all industrial processes with global communication protocols. It offers process solutions that can be monitored and managed remotely.

AnTech offers its field experience of more than 25 years as solution packs in its product menus.

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