Our History

In reality 's roots are coming from Antalya Elektrik Bobinaj Co. which has been establish by Ömer BACANAK & Rahmi KÖKÇEN in 1994.

In the early years of this small company they have started to serve pool industry by doing repair, maintenance & redecoration of dosing pump and pool control systems. In 1996 they produced their first dosing pump. That was the first important step in the enterance of pool industry. Within 2 years that follow, in 1998, they produced their first pool control device. 

In 2001,  in order to protect and collect all the products they produce under a brand name,  trademark registration was made. This action was the first step on behalf of branding.

In 2004, they started to search a new way that they can use their own experince and whole informations with the new ideas and new product design . They needed a new company which stands on strong legs like industry and electronic sides. And  was established by two partners in that year.

In 2005, in order to produce plastic components of the products, plastic injection production line was set up under   roof. A year after to get a quick and perfect result from designing, they decided to set up their own molding worhshop into the  .

In 2007,  the production volume was increasing day by day. And the  company needed to be moved a larger production field. Therefore in that year they pushed the button for Construction field which placed Antalya Organized Industrial Zone that the company currently works. In the early of 2009 company has moved to new place. After that the company has become a fully integrated facility that the raw material enters and leaves as finished products.

Today   is proud of serving its customerts in 3500 m2 closed and 6250 m2 in total classy facility area. Under  trademark , manufactures its own products with love and passion and to proceed on its way towards becoming a global brand. 


- Being Customer Focused

-  Sustained improvement and Renovation

-  Teamwork and Participation

-  Respect for human beings, Confidence

-  Continual learning

Field of Activity

Enelsa’s production has been still going on under Antech brand,  in 3000m2 closed production facility area . With the greatest knowledge that gained from our experience , we manufacture electronic controllers & transmitters, pool automation systems, information panels, dosing pumps, pool disinfection systems, and pool lamps.

Our products are used in:

* Swimming pools

* Industrial processes

* Drinking water applications

* Wastewater applications

* Treatment plants

* Steam boilers

* Cooling towers

* Food and beverage businesses

* Industrial laundries and dishwashing units

* Mixing of agricultural pesticides and liquid fertilizers and many more areas.


Our Quality Policy

The quality policy of our Company is as follows:

· To follow technological innovations closely in order to manufacture the best and defect-free product; to meet expectations of our customers at the highest level and to increase their satisfactions,

· To train our employees on a regular basis; to spread awareness of quality in all phases of production and to prioritize the satisfaction of all our employees in order to ensure their participation in our continuous development,

· To continuously improve the performance of all our employees, the expectations of our customers and all the processes that affect product quality,

· To work in compliance with national and international legislations to which the Company is subject in Quality, Environment, and Occupational Health and Safety and to continuously improve its efficiency.

Quality Documents