Antalya Governor Ersin Yazıcı Visited Our Company

Antalya Governor Mr. Ersin Yazıcı visited our company.

Visiting our factory with our founders Ömer Bacanak and Rahmi Kökçen, Mr. Governor received detailed information about our factory and our products.

Mr. Governor, to whom we have conveyed our growth and development plans in domestic production: “We are also very proud to see that the number of our companies, such as Enelsa Industrial Electronics, engaged in domestic and national production is increasing rapidly day by day. I wish you continued success.” He made us proud by using his expressions.

We would like to express our great pleasure to host our Honorable Governor in our company, and thank him again for his visit and support.

Full Support from Enelsa to Vocational and Technical Education

Enelsa Endüstriyel Elektronik presented aprons to the students of Kepez Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School Electrical - Electronics Technologies Department. As a company, we will always continue to support education and young generations.

Enelsa signed Training and Cooperation Protocol with Vocational High School

A training and cooperation protocol was signed between Kepez Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School and Enelsa.

Vocational School Support Plaque

Kepez Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School - A plaque was given to Omer BACANAK, our company's general manager, for the support we provided in the field of electronic technologies.

For the first time in Turkey, special students carry out production for the private sector

Individuals with disabilities contribute to the national economy.

A cooperation protocol has been signed between the Special Education School and Rehabilitation Center of Antalya Metropolitan Municipality and Enelsa Endüstriyel Elektronik on the involvement of special individuals in industrial production. Through the project, which is the first in Turkey, special students will undertake the classification and packaging of a variety of equipment. In addition to the contribution of special students to production, their self-confidence will increase.

The Special Education School and Rehabilitation Center of Antalya Metropolitan Municipality, which is the largest special education school in Turkey, has made a protocol with Enelsa Endüstriyel Elektronik in order to ensure that students with disabilities produce economic value and contribute to the national economy. The protocol has been signed by Ebru Türel, wife of Antalya Metropolitan Mayor Menderes Türel; Tarık Bitlis, President of the Association for Supporting Individuals with Special Needs; and Ömer Bacanak, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Enelsa Endüstriyel Elektronik.


Stating that they have made an effort to ensure that special individuals, who cling to life at the most comprehensive rehabilitation center for people with disabilities in Turkey, also contribute to production, Ebru Türel, wife of Metropolitan Mayor Menderes Türel, has said “This project is of great importance for the involvement of special individuals in production, their receiving professional education, and their gaining self-confidence. The workshops at our rehabilitation center are suitable for this. Our students have been already carrying out small-scale productions such as soaps, souvenirs here. We were in search of how individuals with disabilities could be also involved in private sector production. We had meetings with the companies. The business people’s supporting our project broadened our horizons. Today we reap the fruits of this with the cooperation protocol we have signed. The students with disabilities will take part in industrial production for the first time in Turkey. I also thank Enelsa for the cooperation within the scope of social responsibility.”



Ömer Bacanak, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Enelsa Endüstriyel Elektronik, has said “Our study has become the first in Turkey. Now we have transferred here some of the works that we carried out in our own establishment. Thus, our friends here have had a job opportunity and our work load has decreased”.



Ayşenur Bacanak, Member of the Board of Directors of the Young Organized Industry Association, has told the history of the emergence of the project as follows: “We visited here upon Mrs. Ebru’s invitation. We browsed around the workshops. We had an incredible production load during the summer, especially in pipe sets. Then we said ‘why do not the students with special needs label and package our pipe sets?’. We made a few trials. Then the line was established. Now we have reached the final stage. We are sending our pipe sets here. Our students are highly qualified. They label and package pipe sets with a special bag and they are sent back to us. We have achieved a good cooperation, we are very pleased.”