OmniCon Single Parameter

Properties :

• Multi Parameter measurement and control device.
• PH (0,00-14,00) , Redox (0-1500 mV) , Conductivity (0-200 mS_ *prg) , TDS (0-200 ppt_*prg) , Free Chlorine (0,0010,00 ppm) , Total Chlorine, Chlorine Dioxide, Ozone, Hydrogen Peroxide and Paracetic Asid (0-200 ppt_*prg) , Dissolved Oxigen, Combined Chlorine (0-200 ppt_prg*) , Humudity and Temperature (0,0-100,0 rh%-25_125ºC RTD / -5_125ºC NTC) etc. measure and control device.
• 100-230V AC and 12V DC power supplies. 16-bit RISC micro-controller, real time clock, retroactive record memory, 3 levels password protection.
• 5 different calibration methods, auto buffer recognition, temperature compensation.
• View logs list or graphic chart.
• New menu system that reduce the user guide requirement.
• English- Turkish language options.
• Graphic LCD display adjustable backlight, contrast and buzzer, membrane keypad. Liquid level, flow switch, counter and external alarm inputs. Programmable relay outputs ( Reduce, Boost, PID Reduce, PID Boost, Counter, Timer, Alarm) Programmable analog outputs ( Linear Output, Reduce, Boost, PID Reduce, PID Boost, Limit Switch, Pulse Width )
• Programmable counter input ( Lt, m3 and pcs. counts), printer, info panel and OmniCon Visio connections.
• Supports RS-485, Ethernet, MODBUS RTU Master, MODBUS RTU Slave, MODBUS TCP Slave protocoles.

 Single Channel OmniCon Measurement And Control Devices :

Stock Code Model Explanation
201010000000000 OmniCon PH pH Measurement And Control Device
201001000000000 OmniCon ORP ORP Measurement And Control Device
201000100000000 OmniCon CON Conductivity Measurement And Control Device
*** OmniCon GP Measurement And Control Device for 4-20 mA Sensors


*** Stock code will be defined according to choosen parameters.

FCL: Free chlorine – TCL: Total Chlorine –CCL: Combined Chlorine



Stock Code Model Description

* Web Interface cannot be used without OmniCon device


Tecnical Spec

Power supply

100-230VAC, 50-60Hz 0,1AMax
12VDC 1AMax* * (Optional)


0.00 - 14.00pH Measurement Range
Resolution: 0.01pH
Temperature Compensation: NTC, PT100, PT1000



0000 - 1500mV Measurement Range
Resolution: 1mV


Conductivity / TDS

0.00 - 2000mS (Programmable)
Temperature Compensation: NTC, PT100, PT1000
Low Measurement Limit: 0,0 - 200,0 uS/ppm*
Resolution: 0,1 uS/ppm*
Mid Measurement Limit: 0 - 20.000 uS/ppm*
Resolution: 1 uS/ppm*
High Measurement Limit: 0,0 - 200,0 mS/ppt*
Resolution: 0,01 mS/ppt* *
Units are binding for TDS.


Measurement Parameters

Total Chlorine
Combined Chlorine                  0.00-0.50/2.00/10.00/200 ppm*
Free Chlorine                          0,01 ppm Resolution*
Chlorine Dioxide                      0.00-200 ppt(Prg) Measurement Range*
Ozone                                    0,01 ppt Resolution*
Hydrogen Peroxide                  0,01 ppm Resolution*
Peracetic acid
Turbidity                                0-40 NTU / 0-400 NTU / 0-4000 NTU

*: Might vary according to measurement parameter.



0.00 - 200 ppt (Prg) Measurement Range
0,01 ppt Resolution
Temperature compensation: NTC, PT100, PT1000
Special salinity and air pressure parameters


0,0 - 100,0 rh% Measurement Range 0,1 rh% Resolution
Free chlorine
0,00-10,00 ppm Measurement Range
Resolution: 0,01 ppm



RTD -25,0 - 125,0°C Measurement Range 0,1 °C Resolution
NTC -5,0 - 80,0°C Measurement Range 0,1 °C Resolution


Digital Inputs

2 liquid level, 1 flow rate sensor input (PNP,NPN)
1 External alarm input
Programmable Counter input (LT, m3, number countable)
(divider and pulsator optional)



4 programmable relay inputs; 5A 110-230VAC, *5A 12VDC or can be setted without potential ( Reduce Control, Boost Control, PID Reduce Control, PID Boost Control, Counter, Timer, Alarm)
1 Alarm relay 5A without potential (NO-NC) 4 0-20mA, 4-20mA programmable analog output (Linear output, Reduce Control, Boost Control, PID Reduce Control, PID Boost Control, Limit Switch, Pulse Width)