Hypochlorous Acid Generator

Why Aguapure?

Aguapure produces chlorine from salt by electrolysis. It provides an effective and permanent solution to odor problems caused by chlorine
in water compared to sodium hypochlorite in the processes it is used. In this way, it provides a cleaner water and installation.

The damage caused to people, machinery and equipment by toxic gases arising in the environment where liquid chlorine and acid are present
by air is eliminated.

It eliminates workload and hazardous works such as storage, transportation and control of liquid chlorine required for disinfection in
swimming pools. Thanks to the membrane technology, unlike other salt systems, salt is not mixed in the pool water, so there is no factor that can
corrode the structure, joints, or equipment of the pool. It minimizes pool and equipment maintenance costs.

Hypochlorous acid reaches every point of the installation in water thanks to its fast and high disinfection effect. In this way, the installation
breaks down the slippery film formed inside and on the surface of the water tanks and prevents algae formation.