Waters Meters

Liquid meters are indispensable instruments of the industry. Meters used to measure the total and instantaneous flows of liquids are the most practical, most economical and healthy solution for this process.

Used in oil, chemical, petrochemical, water, wastewater, food, dye, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, automotive, construction, textile and all other industrial plants using liquids, counters prevent time, labor and cost losses and ensure accurate cost calculations and improvement of production quality.

Liquids must be measured to enable complete control in plants using water, fuel products, solvents, acids, oils, liquid food and other industrial liquids.

Water meters are the most important instruments for municipal and irrigation applications with models with a pulse output, automation applications in plants, treatment systems, and measuring and dosing applications as well as for measurement of liquids. AnTech offers the most appropriate solution for your applications with liquid meters.