Aspendose Oem

Technical Data :

• Chemical Resistant PP body
• Chemical Discharge Tip
• Long-lasting roller system
• ph-Chlorine, Rinse Aid and Detergent model options
• 24V DC Power Supply
• Compact design for easy mountage


Modeller : 

 Stock Code Model Explanation
600111300331000 ASPENDOSE OEM 2,8L/3B 24VDC 2,8 Lt./ 3Bar Analog Peristaltic Dosing Pump Head (Rinse Aid)
600111300321000 ASPENDOSE OEM 5,1L/0,5B 24VDC 5,1 Lt./ 0,5 Bar Analog Peristaltic Dosing Pump Head (pH-CL / Detergent)

* pH : max. %40 H₂SO₄ (Sulfuric Acid)         *CL:  max. %12,2 NaOCl (Sodium Hypochlorite)


Technical Specs :

Supply  DC 24V
Max. Ambient Temperature 0–45°C
Max. Chemical Temperature 0–45°C
Product Weight 0,220 Kg


Aspendose OEM Series Dosing Pump Used Parts and Materials :

Parts Used Raw Materials
Roller Amount* 3 Roller, 2 Roller
Hose Type* Norprene, Slicon
Glands PP

*: May vary by model