Nano A

Properties :

• Adjustable stroke rate via the potentiometer on the device
• Easy and flexible installation and usage by the vertical mount desing 
• High resistance to corrosive chemicals with the PP Pump Head and entire IP65 body
• Electronic circuit controlled electromagnet and long lasting Teflon (PTFE) diaphragm
• Lesser Maintenance by ceramic ball desing
• Suction, injection parts and liquid level sensor accesories included


Models :

Stock Code Model  Explanation
302105005101000 DP NANO A 5L/5B V220FAT 5Lt./ 5 Bar Analog Dosing Pump
302102010101000 DP NANO A 2L/10B V220FAT 2Lt./ 10 Bar Analog Dosing Pump
302100505101000 DP NANO A 0,5L/5B V220FAT 0,5Lt./ 5 Bar Analog Dosing Pump


Technical Specs :

Supply  230 VAC 50Hz
Suction Line Max Height 1,5 mt
Injection Line Max Distance 4 mt
Body IP65
Max. Ambient Temperature 0–45°C
Max. Chemical Temperature 0–40°C
Product Weight 1,7 Kg


NANO Series Dosing Pump Used Parts and Materials :

Parts Used Raw Materials
Pump Head PP
Pump Body PP
Suction Set PP, Zirconium Ball, Viton-EPDM* Oring
Injection Set PP, Zirconium Ball, Viton-EPDM* Oring
Pump Head Set PP, Zirconium Ball, Viton-EPDM* Oring
Diaphragm PTFE
Glands PP
Suction Pipe PVC
Injection Pipe PE
Ventilating Pipe PVC

*: May vary by model


 Accessories :

Image Stock Code Stock Name
600110800110000 SUCTION KIT 4X6 V
600110700311000 INJECTION KIT 4X6 V
600110500100000 PIPE KIT V
6001104002000000 MOUNTING KIT DP
  TS310144120000000  TS CHECK VALVE KIT V